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Planning a Wedding, Countdown T-Minus 3 Months

Planning a wedding and preparing for marriage has been… quite an experience. Me and my fiancé, Charlie, will have had an 8-month engagement when we get married. Right now, we have 3 months to go.

So what have these 5 months been like thus far?

Planning a Wedding

Let me preface this by saying that I do not enjoy event planning, and I was never that girl who researched and had her dream wedding planned by the time she got engaged. So this was quite simply a brand new experience for me.

After getting engaged, there was this tension between wanting to enjoy being a newly engaged couple and soak it in, but also jump into wedding planning. We knew shortly after we got engaged that our engagement was going to be 8 months. No matter what the length of your engagement, make sure you take that time to soak it in, that you are in fact a fiancé and will be soon marrying the love of your life. How incredible is that?!

A dear friend of mine sent me David Tutera’s Wedding Planner shortly after I got engaged. This book has been so helpful, mainly because of the calendar and checklist within the first few pages. I had no idea where to begin, and this helped me learn more about the wedding planning process.

The Wedding Planning Book
Monthly Calendars
Checklist of Things to Do

My mind was all over the place wanting to get things done, and this book helped me to try and slow down and pace myself.

I do not like having a to-do list, and oftentimes I try to get things done as soon as they pop up on my list. These past few months, I have had what feels like a perpetual to-do list, all for one day. This has certainly tested my patience.

So with all that said, here is what I have learned based on my experiences thus far:

  • Soak up and enjoy the fact that you are engaged; try your hardest not to let stress that can come from planning a wedding dampen the joy that comes with being newly engaged.
  • Create a calendar with deadlines to keep your mind at ease… and you get the satisfaction of crossing things off your to-do list.
  • Involve your fiancé in the wedding planning process. Charlie has been just as much a part of this wedding planning as I have been. Your special day is about both of you, and what better way to begin your marriage than by celebrating a day that you both spent hours and hours planning together.

While planning a wedding has not been my cup of tea, preparing for marriage has been a different story. Stay tuned for my next post on what I have enjoyed about preparing for marriage.


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